Happy New Year

I woke up on the first morning of the year reflecting on the last 21 years of my Photography life. Far out where has the time gone? So many things have changed in my journey from black and white landscape photographer, transition to digital colour landscape, then into portrait photography. Along the way I have tried my hand at every type of photography known. And the last 6 year I have been quiet content cementing my business as a Family Photographer.

So what am I planning for the year ahead? I am starting the year off with a fair few out door family sessions, so fingers crossed for good weather. Very excited for a Mummy to be's Maternity Milk bath session in studio, so I am a little happy that the tanks are nice and full at the moment. I am aiming to be more present on my socials (hahaha lets see how long that lasts). and try do more blogs. I am really looking forward to meeting new lovely clients and having some returning faces. I wish everyone a safe and Wonderful 2022.

*please note image not taken by @andyhodgephotography

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