Be in the Photo

The importance of being in the photo, is so high in my life there is usually one person in the family that is the one that takes the photos, but never gets to be in them. I am far to aware of this situation myself and make sure that people take photos of me with my girls, as I don't want them to look back and go where where you Mum?

Booking a family session is the best way to get all of those photos you want to get with your loved ones, making sure you are present, here and in the future. In my Family sessions I like to have fun and interact with the kids, we do some posed shots, but we also do some fun natural shots of you all just being yourselves, and interacting with each other. I do have a studio, but really prefer to do outdoor sessions with family portraits as it gives us that freedom for more natural non posed shots.

The locations that I use vary depending on the client, but I am lucky enough that I do have a lot to choose from in my area.

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