Tea Party Sessions

Tea Party Sessions are capturing the whimsical nature that just sparkles out of little boys and girls, holding a little moment in time that is so fleeting, so fast and so precious. You can never have to many photos of your children, they are the light of your life. Taken in such a relaxed environment, there is no forcing smiles, just pure fun.

Wouldn't you just love to capture memories of your little ones playing in an adorable setting with their siblings, cousins or even friends. It is not just for little girls, boys are more than welcome, I have a variety of setting ideas that would appeal to both genders. I really wanted to do this for my little one and her friends, and thought a lot of other Mums & Dads out there would feel the same. Please take the time to look through the totally adorable Tea Party session. These 3 little princesses Scarlette, Sienna, and Aurora ( my little blondie) have been friends now for most of there lives. They had so much fun playing I was totally amazed that they interacted the way they did, and totally love the concept of not having to look at the camera and smile, lets face it, it is lovely but it is not necessary in these sessions. The soft playful nature of these little girls playing is just so peaceful and adorable.

If you would like to discuss your very own Tea Party Session I would love you to contact me.

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